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(Dynamic RSS plugin version)
Installation for Windows compatible computers with WorldWind 1.3.

(Dynamic RSS plugin version)
Installation for Windows compatible computers for WorldWind version 1.4 (BETA).

(Dynamic RSS version as ZIP)
ZIP file including source for manual installation into WorldWind 1.3. For those with technical knowledge of WorldWind who do not wish to use the Installer.

(Static version)
Self extracting installation for Windows compatible computers. This version does not update automatically and is superceded by the Dynamic RSS version above. This version can be useful if you intend to use WorldWind without an internet connection, however.

What's included?

"ArchAtlas OpenAtlas". - A growing collection of important well-known archaeological sites. Have more? Tell us!

"Sites from Satellites". - now linked via the OpenAtlas database in both WorldWind and Google Maps

"Sites & Landscapes in 3D". - now linked via the OpenAtlas database in both WorldWind and Google Maps

"Panoramas". - now linked via the OpenAtlas database in both WorldWind and Google Maps


In order to use this extension you need to first have installed NASA WorldWind version 1.3 or 1.4 which may be downloaded for free from http://worldwind.arc.nasa.gov. The Dynamic RSS Plugin has been tested with version 1.3.5 and 1.4 BETA. Please note that you need a fast graphics card to run WorldWind.

WorldWind is currently only available for Windows but cross-platform compatibility is is due in the versions due to be released after September 2006. We hope to update ArchAtlas on WorldWind as appropriate.

How to Use

These instructions apply to the Dynamic RSS 3.0.2 & 3 Self Extracting version:

Download the installation file above. Make sure WorldWind is not currently loaded. Now run the ArchAtlas_3_0_x installer. When you next run WorldWind, you must need to initiate the plug-in: select 'Plugin > Load/Unload...' from the WorldWind menu. In the dialogue box, select 'ArchAtlas Sites' and click 'Load'. All being well, the ArchAtlas icon will appear in the WorldWind toolbox.
If you want the plugin to load when WorldWind launches, tick the box to the right of the ArchAtlas Sites in the Plugin dialogue box.
The data is refreshed from this site automatically when you click on this icon, or when you select 'Refresh ArchAtlas sites' from the 'Plugin' menu.

Please not, unlike the Google Earth Extension, this plugin DOES NOT yet load any experimental overlays. Overlays can be seen however using the KMLImporter plugin using the Google Earth Extension. We hope to include a native version in the future.

Please also note Disclaimer regarding co-ordinate precision.

How to Comment

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How to cite this page: 'Virtual Globes: WorldWind', ArchAtlas, Version 4.1, http://www.archatlas.org/worldwind/worldwind.php, Accessed: 22 February 2019