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ArchAtlas Feeds
ArchAtlas provides web feeds for regular updated access to our data, using a number of different standard formats. For example the 'journal' feed allows users to keep up-to-date with the latest essays published in the journal, and the 'atlas-sites' feed allows instant access to all sites in the OpenAtlas.

A new streamlined dropdown menu, accessible for Ipads and other mobile touch screen divices.

A feature on ArchAtlas appeared in British Archaeology (Nov/Dec 2010)
Welcome to the launch of ArchAtlas Edition,2010:
ArchAtlas Workshop 2009: Routes & Landscapes in Eurasia in Journal
Occasional Papers in Journal
OpenAtlas linking detailed satellite imagery and journal articles
Better-organised menu and indexing system
Routes and Landscapes in Eurasia: exchange and movement from prehistory to the present. Read the resulting visual essays in the Journal.
ArchAtlas @ MedArchNet,2010:
The ArchAtlas team, with financial support from WUN (World Universities Network), were very pleased to be able to take part in the MedArchNet conference in San Diego where the subject was on creating digital atlases of archaeology for the Mediterranean basin, demonstrating a variety of new technologies and sharing expertise and experience.

See the conference website for full details:
Welcome to the launch of ArchAtlas Edition,2010:
ArchAtlas Journal: visual essays indexed in the new electronic journal.
ArchAtlas Workshop 2007: Mapping Human History from Space in Journal
ArchAtlas Themes
ArchAtlas @ AIA in,2010:
The ArchAtlas team participated in the workshop Web-based research tools for Mediterranean archaeology at the 2008 annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America held in Chicago.

We presented alongside a number of interesting web-based research projects that were presented at the workshop:
MAGIS - Mediterranean Archaeology GIS (
The Fasti OnLine (
Pleiades (
Agora excavations online (
Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery from Ilion (
The Andrew Sherratt,2010:
A scholarship fund has been established in memory of Andrew Sherratt, founder of ArchAtlas. Please go to a for further information about the fund and how to contribute.
Mapping Human History from Space: Tells, Routes and Archaeogeography in the Near East. Read the resulting visual essays in the Journal.
Welcome to the launch of ArchAtlas Edition,2010:
ArchAtlas moves to Sheffield!
Launch of,2010:
The first edition of ArchAtlas: a digital archaeological atlas, a vehicle for presenting dynamic processes in visual form.